About jobFlows

Historically, career paths have tended to go in straight lines. You go to school, pick an industry, and then start on your journey up the ladder hoping to eventually make it to the top.

In todays world though, thats not always how it works.

Interests change over time, injuries happen, maybe management isnt for you.

Real careers arent paths, but instead living organisms that flow like water. This water has a current that pulls you along. Its not a single path like we've been led to believe, but has branches, splits, breaks, and hops in them. They shift with your life, your interests, and your priorities at that particular time. People tend to move industries and take their expertise elsewhere. A once noble goal of helping people hifts priorities once you have a family - or maybe you turn away from greed after a few years of grinding it out to make the world a better place!

At JobFlows, we believe in the power of possibilities and the exploration of opportunities often hidden, or unknown. We don't beleive in linear trajectories within specific industries, but using data and shared experiences to determine whats best for ourselves.

Our mission is to provide a simpler, more comprehensive view of all possible career paths. Whether you're just starting, considering a shift, or merely curious about the opportunities in other sectors, JobFlows is your compass.

The magic of jobFlows lies in its community. All our data is user-submitted, meaning each insight is grounded in real experiences, authentic pathways, and personal stories. The more our community shares, the richer the tapestry of career paths becomes. Together, we're demystifying the world of work and creating a roadmap that's diverse, inclusive, and inspiring.

Join us on this journey. Explore, contribute, and redefine your futures flow.